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big murano chandelier, murano chandelier, luce italia 

We are very proud of being the producer of the highest Murano chandelier in the world. It's located in a private villa in Dubai, is 15 mt. high, has 15 double rows of arms and 150 lights (see how we did the assembling : ). We will customize any size or color of Murano, Crystal and Mariatheresa style for you: the quality of our products is the best and strictly Italian made, their quality assures their durability through time and their elegance is unparalleled.







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Murano ceiling lamps

Murano modern

Murano sunflowers

Murano roses



shipping to all over the world by Fedex or TNT ,delivery to your dorstep, electric settings in conformity of the country where we are sending to

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 murano chandelier, luce italia,contemporary Murano

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Murano Rezzonico

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 Murano vintage

Murano iris

Murano glass


  we are located in the venetian mainland where the hand made glass has been always made

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Strass and Murano

Murano big 

 Murano table

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 Customize your chandeliers in size and color

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Murano glass
fruits chandeliers 

Murano standing

Maria Theresa chandeliers



Murano chandeliers do not refer to every type of glass chandelier world, but to some very particular products among the big Murano glass chandelier  selection of an island located in the venetian lagoon which is called Murano. The crystal was invented on this island 700 years ago and since then the  chandelier was developed in colors, shape and richness to reach the symbol of italian classic product in the whole Murano glass chandelier world.Needless to say, the original chandelier artwork attracts attention at first sight and is worth the investment because of its effect in its surrounding . No one will fail to notice how Murano chandeliers artwork sparkles and glitters with natural beauty and is the backbone of any decorations performed upon a place . Thus,these artworks are a worthy investment and will be easy to resell to auctioneers in the future should be need arise . When you decide to purchasea Murano glass chandelier original products from us,you will find our pricing is competitive and that we will offer great discounts despite your home currency . Often our prices of a Murano chandeliers are way below the current market expectations and can sometimes match the prices that were used some years back.
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