First call your bank to advise about the incoming payment

That is the home page of our site, you see on your left many useful links and in the central part the photos of our products category, click on  one of them.


You have clicked  on the iris page, if there is a particular one of which you would like to view the enlarged photo and to know the size and price, click on it.


This is the "Leonardo" page,now you know its price, enlarge the photo and print it if you like. There are two windows on your left, in the bigger one you can suggest us some changes on how we should manufacture your masterwork, e.g if your ceiling is too low and you MUST have this chandelier, tell us how shorter you like it, everything will be made in proportion. Or some colors don't match with your room, tell us which ones you wold like to have.  On the "option 1)body color" you must select one before moving forward , here you can choose the right color of the entire chandelier.Now click on the trolley icon.


 Here click on "shipping"


Here by the dropdown menu, select your country, only for USA select your state.
On "select a shipping method" click on "air" , than you view the shipping cost on your right and the total on the end.Payment method: click "bank transfer" if you like to pay by bank transfer , this option is not automatic, you should give to your bank our bank info which we send to you after receiving your order.
"Mastercard or Visa" choose


Form: On top click on "enter your details below" , click on "send to a different address" if you like to show your address and the one where you are shipping to, ignore "create a Santu Express password"fill it up and click "next"


Review and send order: on top you can see 2 icons; our bank and Visa because this is the payment method we we have chosen  check if everything is ok and click "buy now"


 Click on your payment method (Visa)



Insert your credi card info and your email address 





That is the final page with the result of your order, you will receive also a message from our bank, if the payment was not authorised, call your bank and remake the order.